YOASOBI, touched by passionate appeals from fans in the region,will host its first ever solo concerts in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. A unit that turns novels into music, YOASOBI consists of the composer Ayase and the vocalist Ikura.

YOASOBI‘s debut song “Into The Night” released in 2019 topped various streaming charts in Japan and was also ranked on viral charts in several countries. The song topped the Billboard JAPAN Comprehensive Song Chart/Streaming Song Chart in 2020 and surpassed 1 billion streaming plays for the first time in Japan in September 2023.

YOASOBI, which hosted its first offline live in December 2021, appeared at its first summer festival at “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022” in August 2022. And the opening theme “The Blessing” of the TV animation “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury,” which aired in October 2022, was a big sensation with the original novel “Cradle Planet.”

And in April 2023, the opening theme song of the TV animation “OSHI NO KO” was released. The song topped the Billboard JAPAN Comprehensive Songs Chart “JAPAN Hot 100” for 21 weeks and broke the Billboard JAPAN No. 1 record. And the song also topped Billboard’s various global charts in the U.S., surpassing 400 million cumulative streaming plays in the shortest time ever. YOASOBI’s TikTok LIVE, which was streamed around the world, surpassed 120,000 simultaneous viewers and 630,000 total viewers. With the highest number of viewers among Japanese artists’ live shows, they proved that they are writing a new history of J-pop.

YOASOBI recently concluded its inaugural arena tour, attracting an impressive total of 130,000 viewers in June of this year. Through such outstanding performances, they have solidified their status as a leading figure in the J-POP scene, captivating audiences worldwide and spreading their influence globally.

YOASOBI, the irreplaceable sensation! Don’t miss the chance to experience their first solo concert in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta in 2024!


11 JAN 2024
Resorts World Sentosa


14 JAN 2024
ZEPP Kuala Lumpur



16 JAN 2024
Istora Senayan 

Tickets On-Sale December 2024.

More Details to be announced.

About SOZO (www.sozo.sg)

With its base in Singapore, SOZO has established itself in the entertainment industry across SE Asia with its globally renowned “AFA – Anime Festival Asia” brand, successful concert platform “I Love Anisong, plus the fast-rising creators’ festival “Creators Super Fest”. 

They are also the driving force behind AFA STATION TV (afastation.com), the region’s ACG-focused media network, the popular pop-up shop and online anime merchandise retailer AFASHOP.co,  and regional Japanese pop music promoter “JMF – Japan Music Festival”.  Recent concerts held in 2023 for SOZO include RADWIMPS, MAN WITH A MISSION and GARNiDELiA.

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