“Anime Festival Asia” is the biggest Japanese pop culture event in the region, with more than 30 events across nine major cities delivered over the last eleven years, welcoming more than 1.8M visitors, 1060 exhibitors, and 425 performers in total.  With the current situation in Singapore and the region, large scale physical events are not possible.  Moving forward, a new AFA digital platform has been created by the team – “AFA STATION Festival Online”.

“AFA STATION” is a new concept that aims to bring the unique Anime Festival Asia experience online!  “AFA STATION” is a fully-curated “Festival Online” hosted on a dedicated platform employing various functionalities from video streaming, interactive content scheduling and community functions — combining everything you love about Anime Festival Asia, covering genres such as anime, games, music, lifestyle, culture, cosplay, and more! “AFA STATION” will stream exclusively curated appearances and performances, feature its own e-commerce marketplace, host online community discussions, and will even let you chat with fellow attendees – all in one place!  

“The current situation with COVID-19 has impacted us greatly, hindering our company to hold any events. In order for our company to survive in this new normal, we’ve had to pivot ourselves to innovate in these current times. AFA STATION will not replace the physical AFA we all know and love, nor is it a replacement for C3 AFA Singapore.  But with AFA Station, we are pushing the envelope as to what can be done to bring the festival experience our customers have come to love us for online.  

We seek the help of everyone to support our latest initiative, and hope that this will at least help us survive to a time where we can come back, bigger and stronger than ever before.  We hope this platform will be able to help us reach our objectives of bringing the latest and best contents from Japan to South East Asia. Our team will strive to bring you the best festival experience from the comfort of your home. ” mentioned SOZO’s managing director Shawn Chin.

The first “AFA STATION” will have 3 key days – 30th August 2020 (Sunday) and 5th & 6th September 2020 (Saturday & Sunday) via afastation.com.  More details of the streaming times will be announced later.

Companies and businesses interested in participating in “AFA STATION” can email the organisers at bizdev@sozo.sg for possible partnerships.

Date:  30th August 2020 (Sunday) and 5th & 6th September 2020 (Saturday & Sunday)

Official Link: afastation.com
Official Hashtag: #AFASTATION